Perfume can transport us to another world, of love, passion and romance, of lightness and purity, of total wellbeing and happiness..... it can form our memories and recreate moments lived. In the famous line of Edward Hopper "if you could say it in words you wouldn't have to paint it" be the defining moment and hold it forever...

I wanted to find a way to express how these wonderful perfumes make me feel...but how to do that? I thought about the many famous images of Venice from the past...of wonderful Venetian silk costumes, of candlelight, of huge palaces and grand parties...of lives lived to the full. But these perfumes can not remain locked in the past, they exist now for our time.

These wonderful images commissioned from Mariska Karto, beautiful athletic bodies in classical poses, link us to the dark and atmospheric past while also expressing our deepest feelings and hopes for the future...and for our lives now.


© Cortese Venezia. Images created for Cortese Venezia by © Mariska Karto. All rights reserved.